Fourteen Favorites: Jeanne’s Most Popular Workshops and Presentations

Jeanne Baer’s passion is helping people become more successful in their personal and professional lives. Audiences enjoy the insights she prompts in them and the motivation she gives them to make positive change in their lives.

Because of her expertise in and commitment to the principles of accelerated learning, Jeanne’s presentations engage attendees actively. Included are group discussion, discovery exercises, and sometimes real-world video vignettes. Attendees receive valuable handouts and create action plans so they can apply common-sense techniques immediately.


1. Bringing Out the Best (versus the Beast) in People

A fun and motivational workshop, ‘Best vs. Beast’ prompts insights that help people enjoy and maximize their personal and work relationships.

Description: Whether you’re trying to persuade your boss, direct reports, co-workers, customers, volunteers, family members, or anyone else, you achieve your goals by meeting their needs and bringing out their best. In this workshop, you’ll complete a brief personality style profile on yourself and another on an especially difficult person in your life, to learn how to avoid bringing out the “beast” in him or her, and turn conflict into cooperation. You’ll also discover the secrets of persuasion—how to get and keep people’s attention and their commitment. In short, you’ll learn how to reduce your stress and produce positive outcomes with all types of people!

Length: 1½ hours to 3½ hours

At a 2¼-hour to 2½-hour workshop, in addition to the above, you'll also get specific strategies to deal with four especially difficult characters: Chronic complainers, bullies, disorganized over-committers, and perpetually negative people.

At a 3- to 3½-hour workshop, Jeanne adds the following engaging activity: A fun, funny, and observant video, set up like a TV game show, will show you how you might accidentally create “beasts” from ordinary coworkers. After discussing each segment with others, your group will suggest where the game show characters went wrong and what they (and you) should do differently!

Note: Clients often use this workshop to teach customer service. At “Bringing Out the Best (versus the Beast) in Your Customers,” you'll learn how to connect and collaborate with your customers and clients.

Note: The book Success Simplified, by Jeanne Baer, Stephen Covey, and 16 other business experts, features a chapter by Jeanne on this topic. Consider making Success Simplified available to some or all of your attendees, or making copies available for purchase. Jeanne will be happy to rebate 25% of the cost back to your organization.

2. Breakthrough Learning: Power Learning Skills for Today

The ability to learn quickly and well is not only an advantage today, it’s an economic survival requirement!

Description: Based on Jeanne's internationally published course, this workshop will show you how to use multiple encoding, memory mapping, distributive practice, and other new techniques to organize and remember new material faster, more easily, and more reliably. You'll also learn a “power reading” method to enable you to mow through and master the immense amount of material that is today’s required reading.

Length: 3 to 3½ hours

Note: This workshop includes the material described in “Fast, Fun, & Fearless Ways to Remember.”

3. Fast, Fun, and Fearless Ways to Remember

At this engaging and empowering workshop, attendees realize that remembering facts, figures, and faces is much easier than they thought!

Description: Whether you're trying to memorize material for a test or to do your job well.... whether you're trying to remember names, faces, data, or where you left your car can make it a fast, fun, and fearless achievement. Learn valuable memory techniques that boost the power of both hemispheres of the brain to lock in learning.

Length: 1 to 2 hours

4. The Good, the Mad, and the Ugly: Succeeding with Difficult Customers

At this entertaining workshop, attendees learn real-world strategies to handle three tough customers.

Description: In your work, you face two particularly tough customers—those who are “mad” (angry about something in particular) and those who are “ugly” (always demanding). And even your “good&rdquo' customers can be a challenge, when they are unbearably chatty and you can’t get rid of them! This “enter-training” presentation will give you real-world, common-sense techniques you can use immediately, so you can recognize and manage “The Good, the Mad, and the Ugly” with skill. These strategies work both on the phone and in person, as successfully with your internal customers (your fellow employees) as they do with your external ones.

Length: 1½ hours

Note: Some clients opt to add techniques to handle a fourth challenging customer, an overly analytical person called the “Data Dragon.” In this case, the workshop is 2 hours long.

5. Influencing Up

At this workshop, participants learn how to grow their own influence and create a powerful ripple effect up the chain of command as they work smarter, not harder.

Description: To get things done, you need to be able to influence your manager and other senior leaders. Gaining this ability requires patience, planning, and the diligent use of effective influence techniques. It also means gaining buy-in for your ideas, securing cooperation, aligning your agenda with your organization’s, and taking action. At this workship, you’ll discover how to develop and propose solutions that enhance your relationship with those in authority and develop techniques to get your ideas heard and acted upon.

Length: 1 to½ hours

Note: At the 1-hour workshop, participants learn 5 ways to influence up the chain of command. At the 1½ hour workshop, they learn seven ways and have more time for discussion and personal planning.

6. An Inside Job: Provding Great Internal Service

Effective internal customer service helps cut costs, increase productivity, improve communication and cooperation, boost employee morale, harmonize processes and procedures, and, naturally, deliver better service to the external customer. This workshop shows how to make it happen.

Description: Great customer service creates customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. But great external service can’t happen without great internal service! It starts when employees and interdependent departments meet each others’ needs, work productively together to meet common goals, and then deliver high quality service. This short “essentials” workshop will help you team up with colleagues and co-workers to bring out the best in each other and synergize super service. Learn to treat your coworkers and direct reports like the V.I.P.s (Valuable, Important Professionals) they are, and be treated like a V.I.P. in return!

Length: 1½ to 2 hours

7. Making Your Message Memorable

At this lively presentation, attendees learn 14 ways to capture and keep an audience’s attention and interest.

Description: Sometimes when you're teaching, training, or presenting, you just have to lecture, but that doesn't mean you also have to bore people into a coma! You can keep your audience not only awake, but interested and involved. Discover 14 strategies to make presentations engaging, interactive, and (most important) memorable! (And speaking of memorable, since the strategies spell the acronym “W.I.N. R.A.V.E. R.E.V.I.E.W.S.” they will be easy for you to remember, too!)

Length: 1 to 1½ hours

8. Presenting Persuasively

This workshop focuses on speaking that sells, and shows attendees how to make convincing, compelling presentations.

Description: Whether you’re speaking to your direct reports, top management, community groups, legislators, or just a few peers, you want your message to be easily understood and motivating. This workshop reveals 10 keys to persuasion which also spell the acronym “P.E.R.S.U.A.S.I.O.N .” These techniques are designed to help listeners understand, appreciate, and commit to the course of action you recommend.

Length: 1½ hours

Note: This workshop is often accompanied by “Selling with Style” which focuses on how to persuade four personality styles.

9. Projecting a Professional Presence

This presentation prompts many “aha” moments, as attendees realize that their body language (their voice, gestures, and even where they sit at a meeting) may be sabotaging their success.

Description: Do you get your message across with all the confidence and competence you’d like? Do you get the credibility and authority you deserve? Learn how to communicate with power, based on the posture, mannerisms, speech patterns, and attitude of today’s success story. Discover how to avoid movements and voice “glitches” that convey insecurity, how to seem confident when you aren’t, how to deliver handshakes and eye contact with ease, and more. In short, learn to avoid those behaviors that sabotage your success and to use those that project a more powerful, professional image.

Length: 1½ to 3 hours

Note: A longer workshop affords attendees a greater opportunity for involvement and hands-on skill building and practice.

10. Selling with Style

This “enter-training” and invaluable workshop prepares attendees to achieve their goals by meeting other people’s needs.

Description: The “golden rule” about doing unto others is useful, but the “platinum rule” is more powerful. It urges you to give people what they want and need, not what you do. In this workshop, you will learn how to identify four personality styles, so that you can tune into your customers’ needs seamlessly and tailor your solutions to each style. You’ll tap into strategies to “connect” immediately with customers, address their needs and priorities, and get their commitment. Discover the secrets that will allow you to produce a win, win, win outcome—for you, for your customer, and for your organization.

Length: 2 to 4 hours

Note: “Selling with Style” is often accompanied by “Presenting Persuasively” which reveals 10 keys to persuade an audience of any size.

Note: Clients can request a version of “Selling with Style” for professional sales people or a version for those with less sales experience.

Note: 3 to 4-hour workshops introduce a 5-step collaborative process to turn one-time customers into life-long customers. Attendees learn how to tailor each of the five steps to the four personality styles in order to build relationships that last. These longer, interactive workshops give attendees a chance to focus on what will work for them personally.

11. Strategic Storytelling: How to Capture Hearts and Minds

Strategic stories get results because they unite an idea with an emotion; they touch people intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually. This workshop reveals how to craft and tell personal and organizational stories with power and conviction.

Description: The stories told around your organizational “campfire” can convince, inspire, and motivate employees and volunteers. Powerful stories hold the key to commitment for customers, clients, and members. In short, narratives move people to action in a way no data can.

At this engaging workshop, youf’ll learn how to select, craft, and deliver stories that make a point, prompt an insight, teach a lesson, or sell a product or service:

   ● The critical components which bring a story to life;

   ● How to mine your life experience for turning points and narrative gems;

   ● How to strategically choose and use 7 types of stories, to get the results
     you want;

   ● Where to find purpose-driven stories—5 sources;

   ● When to mesmerize by performing and when to get action by explaining.

You’ll examine fascinating examples from talented (and terrible) big-name presenters, and you’ll have an opportunity to craft your own stories, even if you think you don’t have any!

Length: 3 to 4 hours

Note: More time affords attendees a greater opportunity for involvement and hands-on skill building.

12. Teaming Up for Service Success

With ever-increasing competition, customer service stands out as one of the most powerful ways a company can distinguish itself. This interactive workshop focuses on the fundamentals.

Description: Providing super service isn’t optional today, it’s the key to a company’s survival. Learn how to harness the power of “moments of truth”, really connect with and actively listen to your customers, and manage their expectations through “service semantics”. Discover how to team up with your coworkers to help each other and share best practices. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce stress and have more fun at work, with both your internal and external customers.

Length: 1 to 2 hours

Note: This workshop is often accompanied by “The Good, The Mad, and the Ugly: Succeeding with Difficult Customers”.

Note: At the longer workshop, more techniques are explained, and attendees have additional time for group discussion, problem solving, and practice.

13. Unlocking Your Creativity: Producing Powerful Ideas

This workshop is an eye-opener to attendees who feel that only other people are dependably creative. They learn how they, too, can generate valuable, innovative ideas by following a few easy (and fun) steps.

Description: Today the need for innovation is greater than ever before. Luckily, creative thinking isn’t mystical or magical; anyone can learn to think “out of the box”, shake up thinking patterns, and generate great ideas. This workshop will provide you with a “tool chest” of practical techniques to solve problems creatively, alone or with a team—in your business, volunteer, or personal life. Learn how to recognize and capitalize on flashes of inspiration, why and how to warm up your brain before brainstorming, nine ways to turn old ideas into new ones, and more. Learn how to invite your inner innovator and think like an ingenious genius!

Length: 2 to 4 hours

Note: At the longer workshops, more techniques are explained, and attendees have additional time to practice them.

14. When Worlds Collide: Coping with Conflict

The Chinese character meaning “conflict” combines characters for “danger” and “opportunity”. This workshop shows how to decrease the first and increase the second, to produce productive, innovative solutions.

Description: Where there are people, there is conflict. It can be unhealthy, leading to distrust, anger, and withdrawal, or beneficial, resulting in new ideas and better relationships. This presentation explores the causes for conflicts, fear-free approaches to coping with them, and strategies to focus on interests rather than on positions. Learn how to produce “both-gain” results and be able to turn conflict into a true growth opportunity.

Length: 1½ to 3 hours

Note: At a longer workshop, there is more time for group discussion and other interactive learning activities.