Jeanne’s Five Most Popular Keynote Presentations

Jeanne Baer’s passion is helping people become more successful in their personal and professional lives. Audiences enjoy the insights she prompts in them and the motivation she gives them to make positive change in their lives.

But if these credentials make her sound awfully serious, you should know that Jeanne’s motto is, “When tension goes up, retention goes down.” She knows people learn best when they’re having fun, so audiences can count on laughing while learning during her keynote presentations.

1. Expect the Best—You’ll Get It!

Expecting the best in people is a very powerful force. This popular keynote encourages attendees to set and support high standards in themselves and others.

Description: When you expect (and reinforce) the best in others and yourself, magical things begin to happen. When you believe in people’s capabilities (and your own), everyone’s accomplishments reflect that confidence. Soon you’ve built a contagious culture of excellence, and you’ve attracted more high performers! This keynote reveals how to catch and confirm employees, volunteers, family members, and yourself doing things right, and how to reinforce those great efforts through effective positive feedback.

Length: 45 to 60 minutes


2. Loathing to Liking, Without a Lobotomy
      (Also known as, “I’m Perfect, You’re Annoying”)

This keynote prompts laughter, insights, and resolutions, as attendees realize they can bring out the best in people in their personal and professional lives.

Description: It’s easy to get along with and motivate some of the people in your life. Other people....not so much! By focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of four personality styles, this keynote reveals why your “difficult” people do have a reason to live, and how you can bring out the best vs. the beast in them. Jeanne will also emphasize your own sparkling strengths, but may also mention the ways that even you can drive people crazy!

You’ll laugh and get some important insights as you discover how people you think are exasperating or difficult may be simply differentand valuable. You’ll leave ready to achieve your goals while meeting others’ needs....a true win/win situation!

Length: 45 to 60 minutes


3. Lightning in a Bottle: Capturing Your Creativity

At this fun and inspiring keynote, attendees learn how to tap innovative ideas and bring them to life.

Description: Where do new ideas and insights for important innovations come from? They can come from you! At this fascinating keynote, you’ll learn how to crack the creativity code: to silence the constant critic in your left brain and unleash the pin-ball machine in your right brain! Get inspired and discover how to discover.

Length: 45 to 60 minutes


4. On the Road to Oz: Using Your Brain, Heart, and Courage to Make a Difference

Attendees leave this inspiring keynote ready to launch their own journey on the yellow brick road to a more fulfilling (and enjoyable) life.

Description: You know the story, the music, the lyrics—“If I only had a brain. A heart. The nerve.” You do have those gifts, but how can you engage, focus, and strengthen them to truly make a difference in the world? Through her own vivid stories, Jeanne will help you see that opportunities to make a difference are all around you, every day. At this presentation, you’ll discover how to tap into and enlarge the intelligence, courage, and compassion you already possess. Engaging these gifts is immeasurably rewarding, both personally and professionally. You won't see the Wizard of Oz at this keynote, but you’ll see something more valuable—a clear vision of your fulfilling future on the Yellow Brick Road, fortified by three powerful companions.

Length: 60 minutes


5. What’s Your Story?

Rational arguments, statistics, and data don’t move people to take action—strategic stories do!

Description: The stories told around your organizational “campfire” can convince, inspire, and motivate employees and volunteers. They also hold the key to commitment for customers, clients, and members. In short, narratives move people to action in a way that data can’t. Learn how successful companies and individuals tap into the magic that stories can deliver, so that you can do so, too!

Length: 60 minutes