4 Steps to Get Money by Selling Your Jewelry

/4 Steps to Get Money by Selling Your Jewelry

4 Steps to Get Money by Selling Your Jewelry

One of the easiest ways of making money is by selling jewelry. Jewelry is among the items which accumulate with time. At times the jewelry becomes outdated, or one piece gets lost. Regardless of the reasons you want to sell your jewelry the following steps will make you get the most of your cash.

Researching on your jewelry

The first process in getting the most of your jewelry is knowing what it is. Conduct research and find out whether your jewelry is pure gold or not. Determining whether the metal is pure gold or not can be done quickly. You can purchase a metal test online for as low as 20$. Apart from testing also find out other details about the metal. You might find stamps on the jewelry which indicate the brand, the age, and even the metal purity. All of this information will help you in estimating its valued price well.

Find a buyer

A lot of gold buyers don’t have a vast experience in estimating the value of gold or any other type of jewelry and they will quote you the value of the gold excluding the value of the gemstones. A good jewelry buyer should weigh the jewelry right in front of you. Then they should be in a position to explain to you the amount of diamond or gold in the piece minus the weight of the stones or any other thing that is not diamond or gold. A good buyer should also tell you the value of the stones.

Knowing the price of gold and silver

The more precious metal is in the jewelry; the more value it will have. The cost of silver and gold is known as the spot price. Most gold buyers won’t pay you the spot price instead they will pay you the melting price. Thee melting price is the money of melting down the metal to its purest form.

Be realistic

It’s essential that you be true to yourself about the jewelry especially if it’s important to you. You need to know that you won’t get retail value for your jewelry. If you are not ready to take less money for your jewelry then you are not yet willing to let, go of it.


If you want to sell your jewelry, you should follow the above steps to avoid getting less than what your piece of jewelry is worth.

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