The Four Sites to Sell Your Jewelry Online

/The Four Sites to Sell Your Jewelry Online

The Four Sites to Sell Your Jewelry Online

Jewelleries is one of the precious things to make money out of. The fact is that it has never been easy making and selling items online.

Whether you are a jeweler who collects pieces of jewelry to sell or you are an artisan who handcrafts jewelry you may be wondering which are some of the best websites to sell your jewelry.


I bet you guessed that Etsy would be in the group of the best website to sell jewelry online! Etsy has been considered the number one place to sell handmade items. Etsy has more than 30 million buyers globally, and it would be the ideal choice for a person who’s starting up. The website also does not charge monthly fees for storing goods, after you pay the listing fee your goods can stay in their store until they get sold.


Most people don’t consider it as a place to sell jewelry because they think it’s only used to sell junks and collectible. What people don’t know is that the eBay website is not only used for selling electronics and those dolls you have had since kindergarten. You can list more than 50 pieces of your jewelry for a month without a listing fee. After the one month is over, you can start paying for the listings. The site also has more than 160 million users who are active.


This is another Tucson based marketplace which allows its customers to post ads of the items which they want to sell on commission. The market creates another source of revenues for artisans who want to sell their pieces of jewelry and also accept custom orders. It will only cost you some few pennies to list your items, and the good thing is that you can list up to 250 pieces. You also won’t encounter with ads on the shop pages or the item pages.


Zibbet is another website for selling jewelry which is based in Sydney, Australia. This site is developed in such a way that it allows artisans to sync other accounts and other marketplaces for greater exposure.

The site does not have a lot of completion like eBay and, and that means that many customers will see your jewelry work.


If you are an artisan or jewelry and you are in a fix on where to sell your jewelry you can start with the above websites and make some revenue out of them.

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