How to Sell Jewelry Online

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How to Sell Jewelry Online

The jewelry business in the united states of America is estimated to be about 71.3$ billion, and it has never been easy to enter in this flourishing business. In the past year’s companies needed to have a high budget in order for their ads to be advertised on national publications or tv commercials. Nowadays you will only need an online store and Instagram account to start selling your pieces of earrings and necklaces.

How to build your jewelry brand from the bottom?

Building your jewelry brand from scratch may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s simple than you may think. First and foremost, you will need to think about the type of brand that you want to build. Do you want to be a luxury retailer or do you want to sell affordable pieces which can be worn every day? Will you be offering your jewelry pieces to a broad network or you have particular demography that you will be offering them to? Also, you should consider the type of jewelry which you will be selling either rings or pendants.

Once you know the type of brand that you want, you need to come up with a name for that brand. Also, note that the name of your brand will be on all of your marketing materials. Also when selecting the name, it’s good to avoid being too specific because as the years go by you might start thinking about venturing into other categories. You might also think about naming your brand another particular name.

The next step will be finding a logo which will represent your brand. If you are working on a low budget, you might want to consider going to an inexpensive like upwork where you will get designs for as low as 5$. Also if you don’t want to spend money buying a logo, you can use Shopify free logo maker to develop your logo.

Finding jewelry products to sell

You can find jewelry products from drop shippers and wholesalers. You can look for earrings, necklaces, pendants, chokers and many more. You can search for other types of jewelry by using oberlos one click to import products.


If you want to venture into the jewelry business now is the perfect time. As long as you have an online store and an Instagram account selling your pieces of earrings and necklaces will be much easier.

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